New, new, new... (n=18) year

It's not always hazy in my mind this time of the year - but that is only because we have always been served with the conditions that allowed for three- to five-year plans (secondary, college, university, anybody?)

I've finished my first year as a business journalist.

"Hey, it feels like graduation again!"

I wonder how many years Neil Gaiman stayed in the field. Based on his not-too-recent writing, it is no longer a career he's impressed with, and good reasons.

Robert Kiyosaki took 14 years (or less) before he published his first book.

I wonder what knowledge, information, or message I have to offer with my selection of words.

It's hazy now -- I am trying to plan my three- to five-year plan without the usual serving of conditions that allowed -- forced -- it to happen.

God. Blood. Music. Skate. and Writing.

Religion. Family. Media. Fitness. and Stories.

At least those have not changed.

Wait. They did. But at least I still recognise them.

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